National Emergency Water Launches Business and Website

Businesses in need of an emergency source of water can access the services of National Emergency Water through its new website.

Water Emergency Plans for Businesses
National Emergency Water Services

( — September 1, 2017) Phoenix, Arizona — National Emergency Water announces the launch of its website to allow businesses, medical facilities, government officials and others in need of a reliable source of emergency water for business operations to learn more about the services it offers. The company consults with businesses in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Louisiana and Texas to formulate response plans in the event of a water emergency or natural disaster.

“Our company was founded by people with extensive training and experience in emergency preparedness, natural disaster relief, water management and emergency plan implementation,” said a spokesman for National Emergency Water. “When they realized that many businesses do not have a reliable on-site backup supply of water or a water emergency plan to ensure continuation of operations, they decided to create a company to offer professional emergency water management services.”

When a large grocery store was threatened having to shut most of its operations after nearby roadwork damaged a water main, National Emergency Water supplied potable water to the store to allow its bakery, deli and other departments to continue operating. The company was there when a nursing home with more than 200 residents was without water because of local flooding. National Emergency Water made a delivery to the facility, tapped into the water line and allowed the nursing home to continue servicing its residents. National Emergency Water has also been available with disaster relief for large cities and communities. With the recent events of Hurricane Harvey affecting Texas and parts of Louisiana their services would help and benefit businesses as they rebuild. Their connection with FEMA representatives, the National Forest services, various Fire and Rescue teams and other government first responders help them to be a company worth associated with during an emergency.

The company website allows visitors to obtain information about other real-life scenarios in which businesses and organizations have learned to depend upon National Emergency Water. The “our services” section of the website explains the process when a business calls for a consultation. Using its review and analysis of metered usage data for the building in which a customer is located, National Emergency Water creates a service contract, which it refers to as a customer’s water insurance policy. Depending upon the needs of the customer, the services could include on-site water tanks with remote monitoring using the company’s state-of-the-art monitoring technology, bulk water delivery, generators and other services as required.

Businesses have peace of mind knowing their water needs are monitored by SmartTank/SkyBitz. The metered data technology allows National Emergency Water to measure water levels, check usage speeds and schedule deliveries to keep enough water at a customer’s location to ensure continuation of business operations. The bulk water delivery will be maintained 24/7 during a contract.

Businesses interested in learning more about the National Emergency Water plans for potable and non-potable water deliver can schedule a consultation using the contact form on its website or call 602-429-6200 to speak to a representative.

About National Emergency Water

The people behind National Emergency Water have extensive backgrounds in water planning and management, risk assessment and emergency plan implementation, fire and rescue, and emergency preparedness. Their ability to assess a situation, plan the appropriate response and monitor it to ensure a business has a reliable source of water is what sets National Emergency Water apart from companies that merely truck water to a site.

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